One Resolution I Won’t Be Making This Year

In the spirit of the New Year one resolution I’ll not be making: complain less. Why would I want to complain less? Complaining shows discontent with the status quo and readies us for change. It proceeds from a position of power, refusing mere complacency or blind acceptance. It keeps us from being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, and prevents us from being overrun because of passive consent. Complaining empowers us to change what’s wrong, accomplish more–channeling the dissatisfaction we feel with what’s amiss in our lives (and sometimes in the lives of those we care about).

Besides Complaining is fun. There’s a lot more comedic material in complaining.

The key to complaining effectively is to not make it anyone else’s burden. That’s crossing the line to irritating. Also, if we complain without moving toward resolving our complaints, then we are guilty of being those doormats complaining is designed to help us shy away from.

Complaining is and should be the very inception and impetus of improvement. It’s a recognition of all we still need to do. In fact, complaining makes every other resolution possible.

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